Multi-Generational Kitchen Design

Our kitchen design work was featured a recent ‘Kitchen & Bath Design News’ article about multi-generational design:

If designed correctly, a multi-generational kitchen can be enjoyed by several different generations right now, and also continue to function efficiently for generations to come. This is more important than ever, as changing family demographics and continued economic challenges are increasingly creating households with multiple users of different ages, sizes and abilities.

“The key to effective multi-generational kitchen design is to include multiple heights for wall cabinet storage, work surfaces and tabletops, and appliances such as the wall oven, microwave and cooktops,” says Stephen Klassen, general manager for Affinity Kitchens in Scottsdale, AZ.

He adds that it is also important to have multiple prep zones – mainly to allow more than one cook at a time, but also to make it more convenient for those who must work while sitting or standing.

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