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Copper Contemporary Kitchen Design



Things change. One day you’re making lunch for the kids, and the next they’re on their way to college, leaving the two of you alone for the first time in over 18 years. One of our designers, Theresa, had clients who found themselves in that exact scenario. Here they were, empty-nesters, forced to look at things from a new perspective. Once they did that, not only did they realize that they could make some changes, but that one of them should be to their kitchen.

For years they had dealt with the problems. Their home had a territorial-style kitchen with a dysfunctional layout and limited storage space. Now, with a new lifestyle in front of them, they realized putting up with these problems didn’t work for them anymore. Plus, now they had different taste, so why not change everything up and get what they needed while putting their personal stamp on the kitchen design?

That’s exactly what they did. First, they spoke to John Bercel of Bercel Builders. He’s worked with us for years, and he recommended Teresa by name. The couple then went to her, their ideas pulled from social media in tow, ready to work through a design. They wanted something with warm metal detailing that looked modern, and was still functional for this new phase of life. Teresa took that information and ran with it, and the results were impressive.

The island is the focal point of the kitchen, in more ways than one. While it does serve as a functional area for meal prep, it’s also where the couple spends most of their time together. They enjoy eating at the island, so they needed appropriate seating to match the contemporary theme. It also had to provide more storage than their previous arrangement, so Teresa included deep pullout drawers able to handle lots of pots, pans and accessories.

Rich textures fill the kitchen with life and ensure the new contemporary design doesn’t feel cold. For example, the hammered copper farm sink and hood stand out, making them focal points for the kitchen. The original exposed wood ceiling beams add another dimension, while the warm wood cabinetry pairs nicely with the copper. The upper cabinets on the back wall have glass faces with metal frames and lighting, creating a one-of-a-kind feeling for the space. While these are all disparate materials, the combination is both modern and earthy, which was exactly what the homeowners wanted.

The resulting kitchen not only meets but exceeds the couple’s expectations. It’s their perfect space for making and eating a meal, while still spending time together. A lifestyle change like your children moving out is a large one to accommodate, but with this new kitchen, they can do so in style.