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Close-up of a kitchen range with light maple and black cabinetry.

Kitchen Design Services for Homeowners

Over the course of our 30 years in business, we’ve learned success isn’t just about having a plan, but the people you trust to transform your home and how they respond to surprises along the way. Whether that’s with one of our seasoned cabinet design experts, your interior designer or even a custom home builder, our goal is to create beautiful spaces for all of our clients.

As a homeowner, your experience with Affinity Kitchens includes six key milestones. Let’s walk through them together to see what the process is like.


It all begins in our world-class showroom. Walk around and see examples of our work and take a peek at our curated cabinet displays to get inspiration for your own project. Then start a dialogue with one of our professional designers who have years of experience working in a wide variety of styles.   MORE

"Everyone at Affinity Kitchens was friendly and easy to work with. Their showroom was really fun to look at. They listened to you, and really took in what we wanted out of the space."
Jessica B.
White Contemporary kitchen with grey countertops, grey utensil holder and minimalist silver faucet.


Next, your designer meets with you to get a feel for your space. They want to know your goals; the activities you’ll do, the tasks you’ll perform and the way you want to live within each room. To do that, you and your designer will collaborate to fine tune your design until it’s just right for you.   MORE

"Affinity Kitchens’ designer, Tim Huber, is a consummate professional and a lovely human being. He listens to what I want, and doesn’t impose his designs on me. He offers suggestions that might be an improvement to our vision. He makes you feel that he is invested in your project. When people see my kitchen, it takes their breath away. I appreciate Affinity’s professionalism and the high quality product, but the design was the best part of the experience."
Mary K.
Close up of a kitchen island corner where the cabinetry meets the countertop.


At this stage your layout heads off to our design and engineering department. They coordinate with the manufacturer, head off problems before they happen and take care of any other details that may come up. By the time we’re through, everything is ready for the next stage of the process.   MORE

"From the beginning to the end it was a flawless remodel. Affinity was easy to deal with, and everyone explained in detail what was going to happen and what to expect. I have done other kitchen remodels and it can be very stressful. This one wasn’t."
John S.
A half-open refrigeration drawer panelled with glossy brown cabinetry.


It’s time to watch your design come to life. Our cabinet installer — supported by your designer and our operations department — ensure that your finished space meets our high standards for craftsmanship.   MORE

"We did a remodel of our kitchen. There are three components to a remodel: the installation, the cabinets and the design. Affinity Kitchens has all three of them. Theresa Franklin was really super in the design. She was very good at using the space effectively, and we got what we wanted."
Dan S.
Close up of a white kitchen island with white countertops.


Once the installation is complete, we go through a proprietary inspection process designed to find any issues and resolve them. Our dedicated field supervisor ensures that your new space meets or exceeds our high standards and gets your complete satisfaction.   MORE

"I would recommend Affinity Kitchens for many reasons. It was Affinity’s thoroughness, their schedule and the good job of installation. Affinity did all the service and follow-up to complete any outstanding issues. It was all done in a timely manner."
Valerie L.
Bottom corner of a kitchen island with Traditional ornate detailing.

6We Enrich Home Life

Now, with your cabinet installation complete, it’s time to reap the rewards. No matter what you do in your home, know that we sincerely want you to be satisfied now that your vision is realized. Take comfort in knowing that even though the project has ended, our commitment to you remains. Whether a warranty issue arises or you require repairs, we are here and ready to help.   MORE

"We strongly believe that you get what you pay for but Affinity’s standard exceeded our grandest expectations, we are very happy. Working with Affinity is seamless and painless. They make the process so easy. We have done a few remodels and we knew what to expect but our Affinity experience was just so easy."
Donna G.
Contemporary white and grey Contemporary kitchen with a large kitchen island with seating. In the background there is a woman reading a book on the couch.