Client Testimonials


“Affinity’s staff identified things that I didn’t even see and Affinity wanted to fix them. I really appreciated that. Most company or trades, I would say 99%, would have just overlooked those things. As a result, I knew I could trust Affinity Kitchens.

I am 100% pleased with our kitchen project. It is not just the product but it is also Affinity’s service that was impeccable. The whole kitchen project was effortless for me. The whole experience with Affinity Kitchens was easy. When a person is doing a complete remodel, that is one of the biggest benefits. My kitchen was the easiest and everyone said ‘it will be the hardest part of the remodel’. From start to finish I was 100% pleased. I cannot say enough about Affinity Kitchens, I will always recommend them.”


“I would recommend Affinity because their Designer made me think of things I wouldn’t have necessarily considered. He was also helpful in guiding me to other trades. As far as workmanship Affinity’s Installer did beautiful work. He took a lot of time and wanted to made sure things were perfect. He was very methodical about his work and it was a quality installation.

I have such a beautiful kitchen and we have lived in our house 20 years, so now it seems we have a new house. The kitchen has given our older home, a new life. I like to cook as well so a new functional kitchen makes a big difference.”


“Affinity’s showroom is really great. They have a lot of options and features showcased in the kitchens in their showroom. Their showroom is really well done and it helped give us ideas that we could incorporate. It also really provided a sense of hospitality, a value that is important to me. I valued their craftsmanship and the whole process. Affinity Kitchen’s process achieves and delivers everything that their Showroom and Designer promised upfront. It also includes their staff’s great attitude, their workmanship, their philosophy of customer satisfaction and making the customer feel important.

I was impressed that Affinity Kitchens noticed issues before I did and brought them to my attention. I would expect that but it is not always what you get. Affinity would never cover anything up and I didn’t have to identify issues, they did that for me. I trust Affinity and believe that in the long haul, they will stand behind their product.

Affinity’s Designer was a true craftsman. In comparison to the other trades on our project, I am just amazed at the work that the Affinity staff did. Their work was top notch and they are truly craftsman oriented. They customized everything to what we wanted.”


“I would recommend them because the quality of Affinity’s product and service is pretty exceptional.”


“Affinity Kitchens provided the service we asked for. They also had great ideas, solutions and they stayed within our budget.”


“Affinity Kitchens stayed true to everything they said. They are efficient and their people were fantastic to deal with.”


“Affinity Kitchens were very responsive, professional and did great work. The whole staff were very accommodating to our needs.”


“I had no issues with Affinity Kitchens. I have seen the other side on a previous kitchen renovation.”


“Theresa was fabulous to work with…very creative ideas. Theresa took a very small kitchen area and made the most of the space. It is efficient and there is no wasted space. Theresa turned it into something that is very useable and suitable. It is not about the size of the kitchen but rather how the space is used.

It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. What I was most impressed with was that if I had any concerns, Affinity was always there to correct the problem without any attitude or question. I went to a few other places but I was impressed with what I saw at Affinity. I think that Theresa was the the deciding factor. I was very impressed with what she showed me and the company.”


“A kitchen remodel can be an extremely stressful experience but with Affinity it was painless, and even a pleasant experience. Norman nailed the design right from the start. Our kitchen is extremely functional and incredibly beautiful.”


“I connected connected with Debbie right away and she had a good attitude.

I think the kitchen turned out really good. The house was 50 years old. My house is now much more contemporary and livable.

I will say that I also appreciate Stephen’s involvement. He stopped by and visited with me to see how things were going. I thought that was a special touch. He was warm, friendly and easy to work with.”


“It was the craftsmanship of the product…Everything just flowed really well and there were no surprises.”


“I don’t know where Affinity found Mike but he is really good. I think that Affinity as an organization is like that as well. Similar personalities attract the same type of people. All the parts with Affinity went off without a hitch. If issues came up, they just resolved them. They handled them really well. I value the product but a very close second is the satisfaction with Affinity’s old fashioned customer service and craftsmanship. It is nice to see and great to experience.”

Randy & Annette

“When we were considering remodeling our kitchen, a friend highly recommended Tim by sharing that we would find his design skills simply amazing – and that we would love his work. After visiting with Tim at the Affinity Kitchens showroom and in our home, we were indeed impressed by his personality, vision and design skills – so much so that we contracted with him to design and remodel our entire four bedroom home (not just our kitchen).

What we found was that Tim possesses an innate ability to visually see a design outcome before he actually produces the design on paper. Matter-of-fact, our bathrooms, kitchen and fireplaces continue to amaze and impress everyone who sees them.”

In addition to his gift of design vision, Tim demonstrated a very strong work ethic, honest communication, and consistent and timely follow-through. After receiving a verbal commitment from Tim regarding any aspect of our remodel project, we never had to worry about `the job being completed consistent with our focus on perfection.”

We are so very pleased with our home remodel, and are equally pleased and grateful to Tim for designing and providing oversight for this extensive remodeling project. He was simply amazing. We have recommended Tim to our friends, and have been told that our neighbors plan to seek his design / visionary expertise when they remodel their home kitchen.”

Thank you Tim – you did an amazing job for us!”

Chad & Anita

“Excellent designer, easy to work with, always willing to make changes as requested, love the attention to detail. Can’t say enough.” The installer provided “excellent workmanship. Always installed per design without complications. Friendly, easy to talk with. Love the attention to detail…courteous, friendly, respectful.”


“We would highly recommend Affinity Kitchens. The level of professionalism from every aspect of our project was done in an exemplary fashion.”