1. Caring for Cabinet Finish

Your kitchen cabinets have been finished with a coating, which will provide long-term protection against damage and is also safe for both you and the environment. This is one of the most durable finishes available, and it will only require a small amount of effort on your part to keep it clean. All you need to do is wipe the cabinet surfaces with a soft cotton cloth wetted with a mild solution of liquid dishwashing detergent and water. Ultra Ivory Special Care dishwashing liquid or Lemon Fresh Sunlight dishwashing liquid are two readily available household cleansers that can be used to maintain a new- looking appearance.

Be sure to avoid cream cleaners or any cleaning products that contain abrasives, as they will scratch the surface and dull your finish. Bleaches, ammonia, and solvent-based cleaners should not be used either.

When you are storing products containing ammonia, be sure that they are kept securely sealed and in their original containers to avoid your cabinetry becoming yellowed due to exposure to ammonic fumes.

To avoid water spots from forming on your finish, be sure to wipe the surfaces dry.

Waxes or other products designed for untreated wood are not recommended as they may change the sheen and make your finish look either too shiny or too dull.

Water spills inside the cabinet should be wiped dry immediately to ensure that standing water does not cause swelling or de-lamination of the melamine (engineered-board) core material.

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