3. Adjusting Cabinet Doors

The doors on your custom kitchen cabinets were properly adjusted and aligned at the time of installation. Many things may affect this alignment. In new homes, settling of the foundation and drying of dimensional lumber can cause cabinet doors to shift out of alignment or adjustment. Although these occurrences are the result of structural changes in your home, the cabinet doors can generally be adjusted to compensate for any movement.

The cabinet door hinges are multi-adjustable to enable free movement of the doors: in and out, up and down, or side to side. The hinge adjustment screws are accessed by removing the hinge cover or name plate. (Figure 5 & 6)

Screw # 1 is used to align the doors vertically, when in a closed position. The spaces between the doors should be parallel and even throughout the cabinetry. Turning Screw #1 clockwise will move the door edge closer to being parallel to the cabinet side gable. To adjust the doors in Figure 7 turn screw # 1 on the top hinge of left door clockwise.

Screw # 2 is used to ensure the handle side of the door rests against the edge of the cabinet gable – equally at the top and bottom. The upper and lower bumper pads should contact the side gable at the same time. Turn the screw clockwise to bring the door closer to the gable. In Figure 8 turn screw # 2 on the top hinge of the left door clockwise to bring the right edge of the door in closer to the adjacent door.

Screws #3 & #4 are used to align the doors up or down, so the top and bottom edges are even with the doors next to it. This adjustment should be done last. All screws must be loosened on each hinge to make this adjustment, then move the door up or down to align with the door next to it. To adjust the doors in Figure 9 move the right door up or the left door down, depending upon the height of the adjacent doors. Tighten all screws once adjusted.

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