Custom Kitchen Cabinet Care

Introduction to Cabinet Care

Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive visually pleasing kitchen cabinets that require minimal care and maintenance. You will be able to enjoy the beauty and appearance of your cabinets for many years to come if you follow these guidelines. MORE ON CABINET CARE

1. Caring for Cabinet Finish

Your kitchen cabinets have been finished with a coating, which will provide long-term protection against damage and is also safe for both you and the environment. This is one of the most durable finishes available, and it will only require a small amount of effort on your part to keep it clean. MORE ON CABINET FINISHES

2. Adjusting Cabinet Shelves

Shelf spacing is adjustable to allow for various heights. To reconfigure the height of your shelves, first ensure that all items are cleared off both the shelf being moved and the shelf below it. MORE ON CABINET SHELVES

3. Adjusting Cabinet Doors

The doors on your custom kitchen cabinets were properly adjusted and aligned at the time of installation. Many things may affect this alignment. In new homes, settling of the foundation and drying of dimensional lumber can cause cabinet doors to shift out of alignment or adjustment. Although these occurrences are the result of structural changes in your home, the cabinet doors can generally be adjusted to compensate for any movement. MORE ON CABINET DOORS

4. Care & Cleaning of Laminate Countertops

Laminate kitchen countertops require minimal care. Although countertops are subject to excessive wear, adhering to a few basic guidelines will prolong the original appearance. MORE ON COUNTERTOPS

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